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Welcome to Blackseed Media's temporary page while we develop our site for launch in 2020. In the meantime, a bit about us.

We are an independent boutique production house formally incorporated in 2019 after some years of research. We are based in London and  bring together a team with more than 25 years’ experience working on high profile IP and other media production projects, including, in key production roles alongside the UK’s most renowned studios on some of the most iconic award-winning children's animation to have come out of the UK over the past 10 years. Alone these have been broadcast on international and primetime UK terrestrial platforms to audiences exceeding well into the 10’s of millions.

Our new IP.

We are currently working on the pilot for our flagship debut children’s television series, due for release in 2020. This features a sister and brother, Ruqaiyah and Hakeem and their merry band of pre-high school friends on their adventures, including those which go back in time to tell the many untold enriching stories from the world’s great and forgotten civilisations and histories. Follow them as they learn about the importance of imagination, hard work, problem solving and teamwork and the value of science, nature and the environment.

Our Artwork.

While we are busy working away, please enjoy a sprinkle of some of the development artwork we have produced. This concept artwork includes a few storyboard panels, a prop design catalogue as well as a character development sketch. These drawings and style are key to the creative storytelling process and will bring this unique world to the screen, giving an idea as to the IP's emphasis and focus on ornate design and art.

Character development sketch


Our Documentary.

Still here? If so, great! Enjoy an exclusive short working mash-up edit taken from an episode from our fly on the wall documentary. With over 30 hours of live action footage filmed over 4 years this documentary charts our journey from inception right through to pilot production. A journey where we have travelled the world over: visiting some of the most awe-inspiring, ancient sights all for artistic and historical research, like walking the Great Wall of China; visiting the world’s greatest museums and galleries; meeting with heads of state at global education summits and industry leaders at children’s animation conferences. This particular clip features just one of our painting sessions for creative inspiration and references.
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